Department of Applied Arts
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Established in 1999, the Department of Applied Arts (DAA) has five majors: Animation Design and Production, Photography, Environmental Arts Design, Costume Design and Arts Design; plus two collaborative programs: Animation Design and Production (Jiangtong Company) and Costume Design (Han Embroidery).

DAA has a staff of 41 members. Two are professors and seven are associate professors. Other achievements include three provincial master titles and one honor of Academics Leader. Over 33% of the faculty members have obtained a master’s degree or doctorate degree, and more than 80% have acquired both a professional license and teaching certificate.

DAA has a fully-equipped training center, with an area of more than 5,000 m2. The facility has 20 workshops and training rooms, which can hold up to 500 people. The training center serves multiple functions: teaching, testing, research and skills application.