School of Business Administration
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The School of Business Administration aims at cultivating management talents. There are four majors: Business Management, Chain Business Management, Account and Investment, and Financing; as well as, three research subjects: Human Resource, Certificate Public Accountant, and Corporate Finance

The school staffs highly qualified teachers. Fifty-six teachers are full-time, and half of them are equipped with advanced academic titles. There are four professors and twenty-four deputy professors. Also, about 40% of teachers have earned their master’s degree, and 80% are equipped with both a professional license and teaching certificate.

The school also offers a complete interning and training system. All majors have their respective interning and training room and the school cooperates with several famous enterprises in Hubei province and other provinces. At present, there are nearly 3,000 students in the school and employment rate is over 90%. Graduates from the school generally receive compliments from their employers.