School of Electronics Engineering and Automobile Service
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The School of Electronics Engineering and Automobile Service has six majors: Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology, Automobile Maintenance, Automotive Technology Service and Marketing, Automotive Electronics, Applied Electronic Technology and Property Management.

The School has a teaching team of a balanced age scale bringing vigor and vitality to the program. Among 40 faculty members, there are three professors and senior engineers, six deputy professors, senior technicians and Chutian Masters. Two teachers have been honored as Wuhan Academic Leaders. Also, over half of the teachers have their master’s degrees, and about 60% have acquired an intermediate title or higher. Nearly 80% of teachers are equipped with both a professional license and teaching certificate.

The school has several training bases both on and outside of the campus. There are 39 training rooms and one training base of provincial level for students of various major on the campus, and 23 training bases outside of the campus.