School of Tourism and Hotel Management
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The School of Tourism and Hotel Management (STHM), has a history of 28 years. The school consists of four departments: the Department of Tourism Management, Hospitality Management, Airline Cabin Service, and Events and Conventions Management. Its discipline development takes the lead in Hubei, with Hospitality Management as provincial key major. Tourism Management is a municipal key major. The Flight Attendant program and Conventions Management program are the college’s key majors.

STHM boasts of a double-qualified, high-caliber teaching team of 30 full-time members. Four are professors and 10 are associate professors. Twenty-eight teachers have obtained a masters’ degree.

STHM developed an original talents training mode of position-oriented counseling 2AB. It has a national training base funded by the central government budget, as well as, 10 laboratories and training centers, and 35 internship placement bases.