School of Cuisine and Food Engineering
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The School of Cuisine and Food Engineering offers five majors: Cuisine and Nutrition Education, Gastronomy and Nutrition, Chinese and Western Pastry, Western Cuisine and Food Technology and Processing, as well as, two specialized subjects: Diet Therapy and Kitchen Management.

Among these, Gastronomy and Nutrition is a key national reforming major and a key provincial demonstration major. Western Cuisine is a municipal demonstration major.

The school has a faculty of 45. Fifteen are national cuisine masters, and 16 teachers have advanced academic title. About 92% of teachers are equipped with both a professional license and teaching certificate.

On campus, the school has a national professional skill training base supported by central finance. The facility consists of a Food and Beverage Skill Training Center, a Food Processing and Producing Training Center and Cuisine Technology Training Center.

Outside  the campus, the school has over twenty practicing and training bases cooperating with several large catering enterprises.

All of these equipments offer a broad stage for students practicing and job hunting.