School of Commerce, Trade and Logistics
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The School of Commerce, Trade and Logistics is newly founded. The school aims to adapt students to the development of the modern service industry and Wuhan’s key industries. The school strives to help Wuhan to become a national center for commerce, trade and logistics.

The school has a teaching staff of 36 full-time teachers. Seventeen are deputy professors and professors, and about 95% of teachers have intermediate or advanced academic titles. Also, 96% of the teachers have a Ph.D or a Master’s Degree, and 80% of the teachers are equipped with both a professional license and teaching certificate.

The school offers four majors: Marketing and Planning, Logistics Management, E-commerce and International Trade, as well as, three specialized subjects: Customs Declaration and Forwarding, Internet Marketing and Brand Marketing.

Marketing and Planning is a brand major in Wuhan.

Logistics Management is a member of the Project of Promoting the Development Ability of the Professional Service Industry, sponsored by the central government budget, as well as, the Strategic Emerging Industry Personnel Training Program of Hubei province. It is also used as the studying base for the China Society of Logistics, and it is used as a training base for logistics personnel.

E-commerce belongs to the college teaching reformation program, and is the training base for the Alibaba Corporation and Tmall Enterprise.

International Trade is a provincial key major, and it is the training base for international service outsourcing personnel.