School of Physical Education and Equestrian
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The School of Physical Education and Equestrian is ratified to confer a Bachelor's degree in Physical Economics and Management, and two college degrees in Social Physics and in Leisure Service and Management.

The Social Physics major has two directions: Horse Racing Industry Management and Equestrian and Management. The Horse Racing Industry Management is a pioneering direction among universities and colleges in China. The Leisure Service and Management major goes in the direction of Physic Marketing Development.

The faculty members of the School are very qualified: one professor, seven associate professors, two teachers with doctorate degrees, 27 teachers with master’s degrees and seven management staff for the stadium and stable. In addition, there are two Master Supervisors who enjoy special allowances from Hubei Provincial Government, and an expert who enjoys special allowance from Wuhan Municipal Government. There are also two national-level referees for dragon-boat and beach-volleyball, five referees for horse racing, a national-level sport broker, and five estimators with the Class-4 certificate of Australian NMIT. Meanwhile, the school has invited many distinguished scholars from Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong as visiting professors.

The school has established four teaching and research groups for Physical Economics and Management, Horse Racing Industry Management, Leisure Physics and College Physical Training, plus two centers for training and stadium management, and an institution of Horse Racing.